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Zentrum für manuelle Therapie

For a successful holistic treatment, the Center for Chiropractic Medicine places a high priority on close collaboration between chiropractic care givers and other medical specialists.

The close collaboration between our chiropractors and the therapists of the Zentrum für Manuelle Therapie guarantees an uncomplicated teamwork for the benefit of the patients.

Christine Vierling, Anke Piper, Marco Valsangiacomo, physical therapists OMT, will take care of you at the Zentrum für Manuelle Therapie.

Chiropractic Care and Medicine

Today, Swiss chiropractors work closely with general practitioners, hospitals, health centers and specialists – especially orthopedists, neurologists, rheumatologists and surgeons.

Many general practitioners refer their patients to a chiropractor for a successful and sustainable treatment of low back pain and other ailments. In addition, chiropractors are increasingly called in by hospitals.

Because all medical experts want to achieve one single outcome for their patients: A rapid and lasting treatment success with the right care.

Orthopedic Surgery

In many cases – even in some cases of herniated disk – chiropractic treatment can avoid surgery. However, it is of great advantage when the surgeon knows the benefits of chiropractic medicine and orthopedic surgery, and is able to bring these two disciplines together. We have recognized the value of this interdisciplinary cooperation: Dr. med. Beat Wälchli has been a partner at the Zentrum für Chiropraktik since 1993.