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Since autumn 2008, the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Zurich has been offering a Chiropractic Medicine Program.

The 6-year Chiropractic Medicine Program comprises the Bachelor’s degree course (6 semesters) and the Master’s degree course (6 semesters). The first four years of study include in full the curriculum of the Human Medicine Program. In addition, the students are taught the skills and abilities specific to Chiropractic Medicine in mandatory modules (Mantelstudium).

At the end of the third year, students are awarded a Bachelor of Medicine. The master’s course in Chiropractic Medicine is a distinct course of study within the Faculty of Medicine. At the completion of the Master’s Degree program, students are awarded a Master’s of Chiropractic Medicine.

A dissertation may be submitted one year after the Master’s degree at the earliest. After the recognition by the medical faculty, the title of Dr. of Chiropractic Medicine (Dr. chiro. med.) will be awarded.

Upon completion of the 2-year postgraduate program at the Swiss Chiropractic Academy, graduates are admitted to the qualifying examination in Chiropractic.

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